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CYO Launches Musical Pathways Initiative to Foster Musical Education for Elementary Students

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January 17, 2024 – Cornelius Youth Orchestras (CYO) is excited to announce the launch of the Musical Pathways Initiative (MPI), a groundbreaking program designed to provide access and opportunities for elementary-aged students in the Lake Norman region to explore the world of music through learning a musical instrument.  Recognizing the significant neurological and academic benefits of learning to play an instrument, CYO is committing $10,000 to this program with the intent of fostering a love for music from an early age.

Local school systems often introduce band or orchestra classes in the 6th grade, leaving a gap in musical education for younger students.  In a world where music is an integral part of our daily lives, the Musical Pathways Initiative aims to bridge this gap for elementary students who may not have access to musical instrument-specific instruction.

The MPI program will bring the world of music directly to elementary schools in the Lake Norman region. Professional musicians, curated by CYO, will conduct lively and engaging assemblies, showcasing a variety of orchestral instruments. This firsthand experience will ignite the students’ passion for music and inspire them to explore the possibilities of playing an instrument.

In collaboration with Cain Center for the Arts in Cornelius, NC, MPI will host monthly Instrument Discovery Days. During these events, students will have the unique opportunity to try out different instruments, guided by the same professionals who captured their imaginations during the school assemblies. This hands-on experience aims to help students discover their musical preferences and interests.

“This initiative is at the heart of how we serve our community. We are super excited to give kids and families in our community an affordable opportunity to learn an instrument that they otherwise may not have,” said Eric Boruff, Executive Director at CYO.

The Musical Pathways Initiative is currently booking events at local schools. If you’d like to have MPI at your school, applications are available on the CYO website. Additionally, CYO invites community members and businesses to partner with the nonprofit on this initiative and sponsor a school assembly for $500, ensuring that every child has the chance to experience the joy of making music. The youth orchestra is seeking additional sponsorships, but would like to thank the MPI sponsors and partners to date listed below:

  • James Funeral Home
  • Learn Music
  • McDonald’s Cornelius
  • Boruff Violin Studio
  • Cain Center for the Arts

MPI is presented and funded by the Cornelius Youth Orchestras and its generous sponsors. The CYO is a local non-profit community youth orchestra serving youth across the entire Lake Norman region with music education and performing opportunities. To learn more about MPI and how to get involved, visit https://www.corneliusyouthorchestras.com/lkn-musical-pathways-initiative/.