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The Suzanne Goakes Scholarship Fund is dedicated to providing needs-based scholarships to the Cornelius Youth Orchestras that empower talented young musicians to pursue their passion for music regardless of financial constraints. Students in need of financial assistance can apply for a scholarship through this fund.


The Stan and Theresa Getz Scholarship Fund for the Cornelius Youth Orchestras is a merit-based scholarship fund aiming to nurture and empower talented students who demonstrate exceptional dedication, passion, and promise in the field of music. The fund invites music educators to nominate outstanding students who exemplify the qualities of musical excellence, dedication, and leadership.


Cornelius Youth Orchestras is dedicated to nurturing the musical talents of young musicians and providing opportunities for their artistic growth. To ensure that financial considerations do not hinder participation, we offer a range of options to meet the needs of our students.

Family Discounts: Additional students in one household automatically receive a 10% discount on annual tuition.  There is an annual family tuition max of $1,200 as well.

Payment Plans: For families who may not qualify for a financial aid scholarship but require assistance with managing tuition, we offer payment plans.

Merit Scholarships: Full and partial merit-based scholarships are made available through the Getz Family Scholarship Fund. Learn more here.

Partial Scholarships: We offer partial scholarships based on the demonstrated need of the applicant. This tuition assistance is made possible by the Suzanne Goakes Scholarship Fund. Learn more here.

Full Scholarships: In cases of extreme financial need, we provide full scholarships through the Suzanne Goakes Scholarship Fund. Learn more here.

Applicants interested in applying for financial aid scholarships can submit their request at the appropriate scholarship fund pages linked above. Our team carefully evaluates each application and awards scholarships based on either merit or financial need and the amount of funding available.

Recipients of all scholarships are expected to maintain regular attendance, actively participate in rehearsals and performances (if applicable), and demonstrate a commitment to musical growth.