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The Suzanne Goakes Scholarship Fund is dedicated to providing needs-based scholarships to the Cornelius Youth Orchestras that empower talented young musicians to pursue their passion for music regardless of financial constraints.

With a deep commitment to fostering musical excellence and accessibility, the Suzanne Goakes Scholarship Fund opens doors for aspiring musicians who demonstrate exceptional talent, dedication, and potential, but may face economic barriers to participation in CYO programs.

Through the support of the Suzanne Goakes Scholarship Fund, deserving students gain access to the wide variety of opportunities offered by CYO, including instrumental instruction, ensemble experience, performance opportunities, and more. Applications for scholarships are carefully reviewed by our team and are awarded on a need-based basis, with a focus on supporting those who demonstrate both commitment and financial need.

The Suzanne Goakes Scholarship Fund embodies the spirit of generosity and empowerment, offering a lifeline to talented young musicians, enriching the cultural landscape of our community, and ensuring that the transformative power of music reaches all who seek it within the Lake Norman community.

Together, we can continue to nurture talent, break down barriers, and build a future where every aspiring musician has the chance to shine. Make a lifelong impact on these young musicians by making a donation to the fund.