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Cornelius Youth Orchestras Ensembles Debut at Mooresville Performing Arts Center

Mooresville, NC – February 26, 2024 – The Mooresville Performing Arts Center was filled with lively music as the ensemble programs of the Cornelius Youth Orchestras took the stage. 

Under the batons of directors Andrew Fierova and Samuel Sparrow, young musicians from the Brass Ensemble, Junior Brass Ensemble, and Woodwind Ensemble programs displayed their talents on challenging pieces ranging from tango themes to jazz numbers.

The newest program featured, the Woodwind Ensemble, experimented with a variety of compositions. One piece in particular, “Night Ride Through Metropolis” by Rob Romeyn, had the woodwinds mimicking the sounds of cars in traffic. Mr. Sparrow described the scene as “reminiscent of being stuck on I-77 during rush hour.”

The Junior Brass Ensemble continued to show their progress with a difficult piece by John Schuberg titled “The Matador”. The growth of this group has been phenomenal!

Finally the ever-expanding Brass Ensemble took the stage to end the night with a rousing array of crowd-pleasing jazz pieces. We are proud of the progress these students have made this season and look forward to their next performance!