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CYO Introduces Students to Orchestral Family at Instrument Discovery Day

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Cornelius, NC – February 24, 2024 – The Cornelius Youth Orchestras (CYO) hosted an Instrument Discovery Day at Cain Center for the Arts, offering children in the Lake Norman area a hands-on experience with a variety of musical instruments. The event, part of CYO’s Musical Pathways Initiative, welcomed young learners from area elementary schools and the community at large to discover the joy of playing music.  During the event, children were invited to try out instruments from every family of the orchestra.

Tom Burge, the CYO’s low brass instructor, shared his thoughts on the experience. “Forty eight years after the first sound I ever made on trombone, I got to assist with the first sounds these kids made on theirs. I couldn’t possibly have known the journey in store for me, but I’ll never underestimate the importance of today for each of these great kids.”

The event culminated in participants who visited every table of instruments being rewarded with a prize, adding an extra layer of excitement for the students. The positive energy and enthusiasm among the young attendees highlighted the need for instrument-specific instruction within the Lake Norman community.

With the overwhelming response, Cornelius Youth Orchestras is excited to be holding two more Instrument Discovery Days scheduled for March 23 and April 27, 2024, at Cain Center for the Arts. These free events offer children the chance to explore a wide array of musical instruments under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Families interested in participating in the upcoming Instrument Discovery Days can register for free at the Cornelius Youth Orchestras website: https://www.corneliusyouthorchestras.com/idd

About the Cornelius Youth Orchestras

Cornelius Youth Orchestras is dedicated to providing exceptional musical education and performance opportunities to young musicians in the Lake Norman area. Through its diverse programs and initiatives, CYO aims to inspire creativity, foster talent, and enrich the cultural landscape of the community.

Photos by Eric Keith