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Philharmonic Premiers alongside Powerful Brass Ensembles

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October 31, 2023 – The highly-anticipated premiere of the CYO Philharmonic was held at the Charles Mack Citizen Center on October 30, 2023. The event was a musical milestone for our organization and not only featured the brilliant performance of the Philharmonic but also the Brass Ensemble and Junior Brass Ensemble programs.

Under the skilled guidance of directors Jen Bassett and Andrew Fierova, these young musicians showcased their talents. The concert program was a blend of traditional pieces and contemporary compositions, each delivered with skill and enthusiasm.  

For some of the younger Philharmonic musicians, it was their first experience playing onstage in front of an audience and they did a wonderful job!

Photography / Eric Keith

The Brass Ensemble and Junior Brass Ensemble added “shine” to the evening, captivating the audience with their powerful and resonant performances of a number of works by David Marlatt. In truly spectacular fashion, both ensembles performed side-by-side for several pieces in a showcase of the programmatic depth.

Before the Brass Ensemble’s first piece, Fierova took a moment to highlight the educational pathway for brass musicians in the CYO by acknowledging two new members of the ensemble that had graduated from the Brass Challenge, the CYO’s educational initiative that provides world-class instrument specific music education to children with no musical experience, and the Junior Brass Ensemble.

The young musicians deserve immense credit for their outstanding performances.

Photography / Eric Keith

The success of this concert is a testament to the dedication of the program directors, who have worked hard to provide an environment where young musicians can develop their talents and passion for music. Their expertise and guidance were evident in every note played by the Philharmonic and Brass Ensembles.