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Our Mission Statement

The Cornelius Youth Orchestras Parent Teacher Association (CYO PTA) is a partnership between the parents and educators of the CYO who strive to enhance student learning and enrich the lives of the students within our orchestra. It is also a forum for parents to participate in events, stay informed, and voice their opinions about what is happening in the orchestra. The CYO PTA has no executive authority on operational decisions, but will provide valued insight and critical reinforcement in the future development and growth of our orchestra and its programs.

The CYO continually strives to have an excellent teaching staff and well-rounded learning environment, and an active and committed PTA will help us accomplish those goals in a broader way. The CYO PTA will be an integral part of our organization moving forward and we welcome your involvement.

Our Purpose

The CYO PTA was founded to help keep parents more informed, provide opportunity for involvement and input, and help enrich the programs we offer. Meetings will be held from time to time to keep parents informed and updated. In addition, the CYO PTA will be assisting with organizing events, fundraisers, and occasional activities. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in any area they prefer.


Carolyn Bryan
April Dunn